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When it comes to your child wanting to drive a car after they have turned 16 and be independent, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their safety, build their confidence and make them a responsible driver. Most parents step forward to teach their child or let the siblings help out but it is not the best alternative. Have you ever wondered if this training is enough to keep them safe when they are driving solo after they have got their driving license? 

Research says that whenever a young learner learns a new skill, they adopt the techniques of the teacher and after few repetitions, it becomes their habit. Similarly if you are teaching your child to drive, they will adopt your driving techniques and if you have any bad habits in driving, they are likely to follow the same. You can only teach your child what you have learnt and lots of things might have changed since you learnt driving yourself. Driving is a life skill and as a parent you should therefore provide your child driving lessons from a trained professional driving instructor from a reputable driving school.

Why DriveSolo - Driving School ?

We provide life time driving skills not only to pass the driving test. This will help us to build a great community.


    First Time Pass Guarantee :   We are very confident that our structured lesson plans will help our learners to pass the RMS practical driving test in first go. This guarantee applies only if the following conditions are met: 
    (a) The learner has completed at least ten structured lessons with us; and 
    (b) The learner has passed our P-Ready Assessment test; and 
    (c) The learner uses our trainer’s car for the driving test.

    In line with our step-by-step learning program and structured lessons, we maintain Learner progress report. A quick glance over the report helps our learner, trainer or any supervising driver to focus on improvement areas and making the learning process quick and easy.

People says about us...

  • Amazing trainers, I Got my licence in first attempt. Highly recommend . Thanks to DriveSolo Driving School.
  • Had the most amazing experience with this driving school. Highly recommend this to anyone who is new and nervous. The staff were very supportive and my instructor was extremely patient. Very pleased I chose this driving school. Huge thumbs up
  • Best instructor around, made it easy for me to get my license with his accurate feedback. Would definitely recommend using him!
  • Honest instructor and he gave very important tips and tactics useful for my driving test. Finally I passed my driving test on first Go! I am very happy :)

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